2 thoughts on “Hello from Year 3!

  1. Hello to all you lovely year 3 bunch!
    This bought a tear to my eye – so far I have watched it 5 times – it’s absolutely beautiful.
    I love how happy you all look, you must be having so much fun – which is great!
    I am still missing you sooooooo much, but knowing that you are safe and well makes my heart incredibly happy.
    Look forward to seeing every single one of you soon.

    Lots of love and safe hugs
    Mrs Drake xx

  2. This even made someone happy all the way over in America… Miss Hamblett! She said she couldn’t stop smiling.

    Thank you for brightening our day! It’s so lovely to see you all looking so happy and well. (And I do love that song!)
    Stay safe and keep smiling!
    Love from Mrs Walters

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