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Poem to Sapphire Class from Miss Merry

Our class memories, by Miss Merry


Hello Sapphire class I hope you are all okay,

We have not seen each other for a while,

But we will be returning back to school soon one day.


Here is a little poem, about each of you,

I hope you like it,

And that it makes you feel less blue.


Remember the time we made up a puppet dance?

Isabel, Katya and Emile you were so good at copying the moves,

You three loved to prance.


Remember when we learnt about the North and South Pole?

We mapped them onto blue balloons,

Felix, you were fantastic at sharing your geographical knowledge to us all!


Remember when we worked hard at all being more kind?

We learnt new fun games and shared our toys,

Khloe, you always looked out for others and never left anyone behind.


Remember when we went to the sea life center, and saw so many colourful fish?

You all loved going on the mammoth coach,

I would return to that day if I could, in a wish.


Remember how hard you all worked at writing and reading?

You all flew through the book bands,

Harley, Rifat, Taylor and Levi, I am so proud of you for always trying hard with this and succeeding.


Remember the times we would all sing our favourite songs?

Do re mi, never give up and my favourite things,

Freddy, you learnt the lyrics so well even though some were long.


Remember the daily mile, we challenged ourselves to run so far,

Come rain or shine,

Lucas, you were as fast as a racing car!


Do you remember everything that we learnt in Maths; tens and ones,

Adding and subtraction,

Saihan, you worked so hard and would often be the first to be done.


Remember how well you all tidied and looked after the class?

Jessica, you always offered to help me above and beyond,

You made sure everything was spotless and would be on the carpet last.


Remember when we had time to choose and play with our peers?

Dylan and Bracken, this was your favourite time which you would appreciate with a joyful cheer.


Remember on a Friday, we read to our parents or with our reading buddies in year four,

Chloe, you read so well to your buddy,

Our class would be filled with books and stories galore.


Remember when Miss Merry would drink her green smoothie after the register in class,

You all watched in horror and delight,

Especially when I said it was made of slugs and worms which made Nicole, Libby and John laugh!


I miss you all dearly and think of you every day.

Hold on to these special memories,

See you soon Sapphire class, the sun is always shining, even when the clouds are grey.

Whole School Art Challenge!

Wallands Freedom Quilt

Here is an art challenge for you, inspired by the story of Clara and how she secretly helped slaves to find the Underground Railroad and the path to freedom. We thought it would be lovely to create a Wallands freedom (from lockdown) quilt.

If you would like to hear the story of Clara please click here:

Just as Clara in the story pieces together scraps of cloth with scraps of information gathered from other slaves to create a map to freedom, we want to create a Wallands freedom quilt to represent all the things our school community has missed whilst being in isolation.

Is it seeing beloved family members that you have missed most? Or playing football with your friends? Enjoying an art lesson with your classmates? Enjoying PE with friends? Visiting the beach in the sunshine? Eating an ice-cream in the park? Can you represent your most wanted/missed aspect of freedom using pictures or patterns to be made into a school quilt design?

If you can find a piece of white A4 paper, carefully fold into three and then into three again and when you unfold it you should have 9 equal sections. It doesn’t need to be exact. You might need to get an adult to help you. Please try to create your design in landscape format (longest sides at the top and bottom).

You need to create a repeating pattern (see examples below) and if you are able to colour in your quilt then try to use the same colours for each section. You can use any medium you wish; paint, pastels, crayons, black pen or collage. It is up to you!

If you can then ask an adult to take a photo of your design and email it into school via your year group email then we can create a montage of your pictures to form our very own freedom quilt. Good luck!